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I have a '67 coupe with rebuilt suspension, stock ride height. No mods or fender rolling.

I'm going to buy 15x7 wheels, either TorqThrust 2s (3.95" backspace) or Edelbrock 409s (4" backspace).

I want to use T/A radials, 225/60 in front and 235/60 in rear.

Will this work? (As near as I can tell from the fitment chart, it should/might/could.)

Suggestions? Comments? Experiences?

Thanks for your help!

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My suggestions are:\

1. Double check on your pricing. The TTII's, when I bought mine, were about $100 more per wheel if you ordered custom backspacing. Also, they are not returnable. Sometimes that's the only option, like with my Wilwood disks in front, but at least on my '65, the 3.75" regular backspacing worked fine on all 4 corners...until I changed my brakes.

2. If you think you might change your brakes at some time, you should do that before you buy your wheels.

3. Talk to a tire store up front. Either buy the wheels from them or elsewhere, but find one that will work with you car and your wheels to find the biggest rubber that will fit without causing problems. That way if there is a problem, they should be willing to fix it.

4. Having more tire in back may be the look you want, but it won't make your car handle better. Every good tire guy I've ever talked to has recommended going with the same tires on all 4 corners. That will help your rotations and your car will handle as well if not better.

Good luck with your project.

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