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I'm doing an I-6 to V-8 swap in my '66. The V-8 will be really mild compared to what most of the other posters are doing (around 225 HP or so). I've read that I can actually keep the c-4 automatic that's in the car right now, aslong as I change the torque converter and bellhousing. Does anyone know if that's true? Is the trans actually going to stand up OK? I'll no doubt get it checked by a transmission guy (due to its 40+ years age) but I'm wondering if I should just replace it instead.
The rear end is a 3.55 - I don't do a lot of highway driving. Thanks

You can have the c4 built to v8 specs very easily. If its used and you are unsure of the condition have it gone through anyways. I would also suggest a new torque converter. The bellhousing will obviously need swapped to the correct v8 part. HTH
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