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I did the C-4 to 4-speed swap in my 65. I used a toploader 4-speed that orignially came from a 66 Mustang. I bought the tranny used for $350 and I collected all the other parts along the way. I would recommend the toploader over the T-10 because; a) it's stronger and b) you don't have to change the yoke on the driveshaft.

On my swap the original C-4 driveshaft slid in with no problems and was the correct length. I found the right pedals, but used my old pedal support as many of those from manual trans cars are worn. As long as your 3-speed parts car is a v-8 you'll have no problems swaping over the parts. You need a 4 speed shifter though, I found an orginal ford one for my toploader. All in all it was a pretty easy swap, a lot more fun to drive than my old C-4 too!

65 Fastback 289 4spd in storage :-(
91 CRX Si... A.K.A. my go-kart with AC!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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