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C4 & 289 together easily! Many thanks ...

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... to all of you who set me on the right path. Took all of 30 minutes once I got started -- and yes, Mom (LOL), I put in the block plate, stress plate, used sealer on the flexplate bolts, pushed the torque converter in until I felt three engagements, and it all went together so smoothly.

If only my students listened to me like I listened to you!

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As 66shawn mentioned in the other thread, give it a spin with the crank bolt and a ratchet ... should spin easily (with no spark plugs installed, anyway). If it passes that test, it's time to drop that sucker in!

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Congrats!!! What you've accomplished is very satisfying.

I bet you can't wait to get your engine/tranny in the car and go for a spin (or burnout)!!


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