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I was putting some new gaskets in my C4 AT tranny last night and noticed that my clutch packs did not fit together as well as I thought they could. There is a slight gap between clutch packs that you can see on the outside of them where the keys match up with the slots and fit together. It looks like this whether the clutch packs are in the tranny or not - it is about an 1/8 inch gap between the clutch packs. It almost looks like there is an extra washer between the packs, but I don't believe that is the case, because it looked like this BEFORE I took everything apart too. So, I am wondering if this is OK if there is a slight gap between packs or if something is wrong??


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They need some clearance so there isn't drag when rotating and not engaged...if the clearance is excessive (use Art's specs as a guide), usually the result is sloppy shifts.
You've found an important area, among a few others, where blueprinting a C4 can make it live under adverse conditions.

Clutch pak adjustment is usually done with select-fit steels or, in the case of excessive tightness, machining the clutch piston for more clearance. If you see two steels on top of each other and still have a gap, it might be because things were too tight with another friction and the builder didn't want to machine the piston..
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