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C4 cooler line fittings too large for my '66 C4

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As part of restoring my '66 Coupe, I purchased and rebuilt a correctly dated C4 transmission (tag confirms this).

I bought C4 cooler lines from NPD, and they are the correct part no. for a '66, but the fittings are clearly too big for my transmission. What gives? Did earlier C4s (such as '65s) have smaller fittings? Anyone have any ideas?

Cecil Bozarth

1966 GT Coupe (Tahoe Turquoise with black pony interior)

1994 GT Convertible
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You can correct the problem pretty easily. Just change the brass fittings the lines hook up to between the tranny and lines or the radiator and lines. I know NAPA is the best place to get brass fittings at.

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1967 351W Convertible
2000 Mustang GT
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