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I cannot find the name of the seal on the drivers side of a C4. It is in the area of the NSS. There is a steady stream of fluid coming out as I try to fill it. Can I replace it with basic tools, a 6pk, and minimal blood loss?

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Well, lets have, from front to rear, the intermediate band adjuster locknut seal, the shifter shaft and kickdown shaft seals and lastly, the low reverse band servo cover seal....

The only one I could imagine oil pouring out of would be the servo cover seal if the engine was running and the trans was in low or reverse...
The others would leak but not a steady stream...

It is possible, with some work, to replace all those seals with the trans in the may have to remove the x-member and drop the back of the trans a bit but usually it's doable...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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