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C4 Pan, and Shift Kit

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After replacing my transmission pan seal, twice it still leaks. I am thinking of taking it to a shop, and installing a shift kit (that should replace the seal as well).

about how much do you feel this would cost localy? (i live in southern cali)

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Shift kits are pretty easy to install yourself and only cost about $30+ tranny fluid.

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You really should consider doing it yourself. I've put in 4 or
5 shifts kits in C-4 & C-6 trannys. Never had any problems.
Transgo makes a great shift kit with a couple of performance
options. I have always used the stage II. The instructions
are very detailed and easy to follow. As for the pan gasket,
check to make sure the mounting surfaces on the pan
are plum. On a cork gasket, I use adhesive rather than RTV.
Good luck.

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I paid to get my shift kit installed (instructions were AWFUL), and along w/ a new vacuum modulatior, new fluid, filter, and gasket it ended up being about 70 bucks, not too bad. I didn't trust myself and this guy built race trannies, so I thought he was worth it.


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I put in the B&M on mine a few weeks back, not that difficult if you take your time. The gasket supplied with the B&M kit was about three times thicker than the gasket that came with the filter. I had no leaks with no sealer or adhesive. I laughed at the gasket from the filter kit and tossed it.


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