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c4 question

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I just picked up a c4 real cheap that came out of a 1980 pinto with a 2.3 liter. Does anyone know if it will work with a 1967 289? I don't have a bell housing or torque converter, but the tranny was just rebuilt and it only cost $40, so I am not out too much if it won't work, but before I chase down the other parts I was hoping someone could tell me if it will work or not. At least externally it looks exactly like my 66 c4. Thanks in advance for any input.
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I would imagine if it's original equipment for that 2.3, it came with "low performance" parts i.e., number of clutch springs/discs, smaller servo, etc.
It's possible there was a C4 in a Pinto, I guess. I believe you've got a C3. Good behind a 2.3, OK behind a 200 six, but won't last long behind a V8. If you can figure out how to even bolt it up to a V8.
It will bolt up with the correct bell housing....Be advised that in 1969 the C-4's used a larger input shaft and went to a 164 tooth flywheel.
Thanks for all of the replies. I think I will try to recoup my investment by resale at a swap meet. I'm not sure I want to risk the tme and effort putting it in if it won't hold up.
You will run into a problem with the dipstick tube... If I recall, attaches to the pan....
First, many Pinto's had C-4's. Second they may have some differences i.e. clutches(fewer) & later valve bodies & input shafts, but I can guarantee it will live. I had a '68 302 from a GT in a Pinto with a well worn C-4. Got 20K from it before it went to another happy man. With the correct BH any C-4 will fit any Ford. Pan fill or case fill. BTW the pan fill is the stronger of the two, I should know, my 8 second drag car has one! If you aren't too far away I'd take it for a nominal profit.
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