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I have a 68 mustang coupe with a 289 and a c4. I want to get better gas mileage when im on the freeway as well as getting a manual transmission, so i was wondering what is involved in this swap? what parts are needed and how much it will cost me? another option i heard of was to use a four-speed and change out the fourth gear to get better freeway mileage. is this possible? and if so how much would that cost?

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Here's a website that tells you what is required if you use the stock Mustang clutch linkage. You can also go with a cable clutch setup, which is much easier to install. If you can find a parts donor car, the stock linkage is probably cheaper. Also do a search on this forum on "T-5". The subject has been discussed many times.

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I figure I spent about $1500 to convert from a C-4 to a T-5.

Since going to a Tremec with all the bells and whisles, around $2500 (VERY nice setup).

My web page has my parts used for the swap.

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