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C4 Trans Leaking

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I just installed my newly rebuilt trans and engine. My mistake is I dumped about 5 qts of tranny fluid
into the trans before starting it. Now it is slowly leaking everywhere. Is this a major problem, or should
I just start the engine and that will take up the extra fluid and stop the leaking??
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Your tranny shouldn't be leaking. Is it coming out of the pan or the seals? If so, then you have a problem. Are the pan bolts tight etc? Regardless of the above, you should be able to fire up the engine without causing any harm to the transmission. After you fire it up, let the engine warm up and then check the transmission level. If it's okay, then with your foot on the brake, slowly run the transmission through the gears and see if the transmission goes into gear. Let the transmission stay in each gear for 10 or 15 seconds. Then check the transmission level again to see how it is. Shut off the car and wipe off all the transmission fluid that has leaked everywhere. Restart the car and check the fluid level and check for leaks by running the transmissin through the gears again.
Don't worry about it. Your pan is just too full and fluid is leaking out of your vent tube or the o-ring seal from the fill tube. Start it up for about 5 seconds to allow some fluid into the torque converter then shut it down. Add more fluid and repeat until the torque converter is full and the fluid level in the stick is correct. Don't run the pan dry. This can cause pump damage.
The other thing is it's easy to overtighten the pan bolts. I have read to tighten them just past finger tight, otherwise the pan gets bent and leaks. It happend to me.
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