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C4 Versions - What Years?

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While shopping for converters, I note that only certain years seem to be available. Does the 65 C4 have a weird size input shaft or some thing that makes converters for it harder to find ?

Second Q - Does the 67 (289 Mustang) version have the "green dot" shift pattern ? Are converters more readily available for that trans ? I have the opportunity to remove a good (i.e. good case..) C4 from a 67 coups at the local bone yard for $100 cash money..
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I'm not a C4 expert, but here's what I have picked up...

There are 2 different sized bellhousings (for the small/most common and larger flywheels) and 2 different ways they bolt on to the tranny....none of this apparently matters if you get the converter with it...(you're not likely to get a C4 for the larger fltwheel which I SUSPECT was for the small number of trucks and vans that had C4's, probably if they didn't have any kind of towing package)

From what I've heard, the green dot tranny's don't let you manually access all 3 gears...I believe that 67 tranny isn't a green dot and if it came behind a V8 and was truly a 67 C4, it's probably one of the best choices....if it is a 67 V8 C4, it probably has the most desirable servo, factory tuning, etc.

Like I said, I'm no expert, these are the bits of info I believe I've picked up.
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I believe that all the C4's from 64 1/2 to 69 are the same size (input shaft and torque converter) and are interchangable.

In 1970 the C4's became a little more heavy duty (bigger cars?) and the input shaft and torque converter are slightly larger.

The green dot tranny's were set up for economy.

You could either start off in "D" drive and the car would shift through all three gears automatically....1st, 2nd then 3rd.

Or you could select green dot - the car would bypass the first gear...start off in "2nd" second and only utilize 2nd and 3rd gears. Ford did this for economy during inner city driving....

I read that in a Ford owners Manual...somwhere along the way....

Fastlane Ford
In my 66 owners manual they say to use the green dot, start on 2nd, for slippery conditions.
That is correct...It supplies less torque in 2nd gear due to gear ratio combinations...

Fastlane Ford
The '67 and newer C4s have the D-2-1 shifter pattern as opposed to the "green dot" C4 of earlier years. The '70 and newer C4 has a 26 spline input v. the 24 spline for earlier years.
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