I have an early Ford distributor for a 289/automatic transmission It is the early style with the oil cap. Single points, C4GF-12127-B with a date code of 4AD (1964, January) it is probably too early to be judged correct on a Mustang but if you're looking for just the correct casting number original look, this one should fit the bill.

This is being sold as is, as pictured. Probably would be good idea to rebuild, but it was removed from a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente with a running 289 K-code (K-code in a Comet is NOT the same as a Mustang K-code HiPo)
I also have the C40E-9425-B 4v intake (PCV) date code 4A20 and matched set C4AE '64' 289 cylinder heads date code 4A21 off this same engine.

The original 5 bolt block was changed out with a six bolt '67 C6AE-6015-C casting date 7E15 assembly date 7E17 which is also up for sale as a short block. Other various parts as well, '67 timing cover, balancer, oil pan.

I've never sold anything on here so I'm not sure how it works. Prefer local face to face pick-up, but I'm willing to ship the smaller stuff via USPS at buyers expense. Stuff not sold here most likely will be listed on eBay. But figured I'd offer it to Mustang people first.

Message me with an offer if you're intrested or would like pictures of the other parts including casting codes and dates. And just because it always gets a good laugh on here, No LoW BaLLs, I KnOw WhAt I GoT! 馃構 :LOL:
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