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I hope there is an expert on C6 transmissions or give me a direction to go. I have bought a SCJ (I think) C6 it has the cast iron tail and came out of a Talladega with a colum shift. How can I tell if it is the real Mc Coy other than the D on the modulator which I have heard should be a R or H? The modulator measures approx 4"OD and 3.5" (piston) ID. Also do I need to change the shifter linkage on the transmission for my 68 Shelby floor shift and who carries the linkage? If I am restoring a 68.5 CJ should I use this trans and if yes what tag should be on it? I also need the correct oil pressure gauge for a 1968 GT-500. When disassembling the car I found 2 build sheets with different rotation numbers ( one under the seat and one in the dash ) any info on why 2?
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