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I was talking with a fellow Mustang owner today.

He also has a 66 I6, but his has a C6 tranny?
He said the preformance of the C6 is really nice with the I6.

I have the 3 speed auto trans now.
Having three gears really does suck.

I would like to investigate changing the transmission out.
Can I go to the C6, are they hard to find, expensive?

I have no real experience on transmissions.
Any help, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



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I bought my C6 at a wrecker for $50, although it is a 3 speed aswell. I don't think you will gain any performance out of a C6 IF it even bolts to your l6. The C6 was mainly used behind big blocks. You've probably got a C4 which is what I ran behind My 302 drag Capri, and I couldn't blow it no mater what I did.

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the C6 was made for big blocks and only a few small blocks applications. I have never heard of one bolted to a 6cyl.
Your friend is most likely looking at his door tag and seeing the trans code 6(C4) and mistakingly thinks it means C6
A C6 trans eats aprx 65-75 hp not something a 6 could live with

Greg B

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Jimbo, frankly, you friend doesn't know what he's talking about /forums/images/icons/wink.gif Ford never mated the C6 to the 200 and there is no bellhousing to make it work.

Is the C6 bell integral to the case? Doesn't matter. You can't do it. To a 250, yes, but not a 200. Besides, performance would SUCK! That C6 would rob at least another 10 precious ponies!


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Thank you for the truth.
I thought he was full of it...



Atlanta, GA
65 I6 200 Coupe (Daily Driver)
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