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C80E-F heads

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I aquired a set of 68 4v F heads over the weekend, they've been ported, 7/16 screw in studs and guide plates. They still have the factory valves though. I'm wanting to put bigger valves in them but am curious if with the 53.5 cc chambers, that I'm going to run into a valve shrouding problem with 1.94s. Or would I best be served with going with a 1.87 or 1.90 on the intake.

These are going on a 306, that I'm building to meet vintage rules mandating factory cast head. So please no ditch the iron and get some aluminum heads replies. :D
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Had my original 302 J code Shelby motor built to a stroker 347 while keeping the original C8OE-F heads. The heads got a mild porting and had slightly larger valves installed. Exhausts are 1.60 but I'm not exacly sure of the intake size I do however know its not 1.94.

Motor was dynoed with original carb and peaked at 380 hp and 425 of torque. Also ran a couple of passes with a dual quad setup on the same motor and peaked at 370hp but interestingly at about 5800 rpm which was about 500 more RPMs then with the single holley setup.
Are you looking at the SVRA rules

From what I seen these rules serve as some kind of guideline but when you go check out the cars running these events its quite clear most are far from those rules.
No I'm building according to HVR and Corinthian rules which parralel eachother with a few exceptions.
I see you, gotta run original type heads.
Looks like these clubs have pretty much the same standards my club also requires to run original heads. 69 351W heads are probably my best guess for max power potential but I also believe C8OE-F can offer a decent potential.
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