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CA\GT question

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Why is it that all the 'California Specials' I see, don't have the GT fender marker? I see the gas cap, and wheels and the cs\gt sticker. I know they are dealer 'made', but I thought they at least used a 'real' GT as the base. Are they just 'GT looking', like my 68 V8-Sprint?
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It is CS/GT. They are not all true GT's. One could be had with a I6. Mine has all the GT features except the 4V carb. (c dode 2V)
They are not dealer made, they are San Jose made.
The regular filp down gas cap is the regular one, Ford put GT caps when they were out of the others.
Yes there are quite a few that are just GT looking rather than true GT's.
I think of them as not GT looking but Shelby looking.
If there were Shelby coupes this would be what they look like.
Check out a '68 Shelby convertable then look at a CS/GT.
How did you get a V8 sprint? A I6 plus the other options is what made it a sprint, was it not?
Thanks for clearing that up. So would the 'true' GT have the fender badges?

Regarding my Sprint, it is 'Sprint package-B' from the factory. See this link:

Thanks again
No fender badges on a true GT either IIRC, at least I have never seen one or heard of one. I think the sticker replaces them.
Nice site on the sprints. What type foglights do the package B come with? are they the GT type or the CS/GT Marchial/Lucas type?
No, not true. In 1968 GT's had small rectangular GT badged in black. 1969 GT's did not have badges.

Also, in 1968 the Sprint came in 3 package variations and were offered on any engine except the 428
Regular Gt fogs. Here is a better pict of mine

Thanks for you help. Now I won't look forever for something that doesn't exist. Those CA specials are sharp.
Bit of Mustang trivia--California Specials are the only nonGTs allowed to use the GT label. My friend who helps me with my cars has one that is 1 of 80 built: 200 I6, 3-speed, Seafoam Green, and it proudly carries the GT label. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
We are not talking about GT's it is CS/GT's
And they were made in '68 only, sorry no '69's
Thanks for the info Laurie, I knew that there were some CS/GT's with a I6 in them, you have given me proof of that fact, you made my day!
You're welcome! I'm in a bit of a fight right now to get recognition for this car. It earned the MCA grille medallion last year, and it was presented to Chuck at the Pensacola National Show in March. For some unknown reason (big surprise) no mention of the award was made in the show results in the latest Mustang Times. Another car also was omitted. There is supposed to be a photo of the presentation in the show results article. We're working on rectifying that right now. Here's some info on this cool car that I have sent out:

"To give you some background on this car, it was restored after much abuse and 10 years of sitting in the desert. Mr. Schnarr spent four years doing the perfect restoration. He did all the restoration work on the car himself with the exception of the engine rebuild. The car is very unique in that it is 1 of 80 built (GTCS, Seafoam Green, 3-speed, 6-cylinder). I know the car very well, and even so have a difficult time finding areas from which to deduct points. It never fails to gather crowds at any show where it is displayed.

After the four-year-long restoration, Mr. Schnarr and his wife drove the car across country twice from Tucson, participating in the Mustangs Across America trips to Charlotte and Atlanta.

In 1997, he began entering the car in the trailered concours class at MCA National and Grand National shows. He earned EIGHT consecutive Gold Awards at five Grand Nationals and three Nationals to acquire the 20 points necessary for the grille medallion. His car is the first western one to earn that medallion, and it required him to trailer approximately 30,000 miles to seven of the shows; the eighth show was held by our own club here in Tucson. At the 2002 Pensacola National Show, the car earned its ninth Gold Award."

And here's a photo of it:
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wow, thanks for the info, I like reading stuff like that. That is really some accomplishment winning that prestigious (sp?) award. Great looking car, thanks for posting the pic!
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