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Just a note about the Califonia SMOG check situation for 60's cars here in California.
I did my classic car buff duty and wrote my state rep and the governor about my fear that they would reinstitute the SMOG check for pre-1973 cars. I got a political reply from my state rep saying absolutely nothing. Basically wrote that he will make his own decisions. Of course with the power problems we're having out here the governor has other things to worry about but his office did forward my letter to the California Air Resouces Board. They did write me in detail about what is happening. Although it has been recommended that the state repeal the no SMOG check law for pre-73 vehicles upon comments made by many car clubs this repeal recommendation is being reconsidered. And as of now there is NO legislation in the system concerning the repeal. Of course this could be political talk but it gives me the warm fuzzies to know that nothing is imminent.
On a similar note I was at a Goodguys (hotrods and such) show in Pleasonton, Ca a few weeks ago and I approached the Goodguys recruiting booth (trying to get more members) and asked if they were doing anything to fight the reinstitution of the SMOG check. Their answer, NO. They weren't concerned at all, nor were they doing anything about it. Seems Goodguys are posers. Trailer or drive their rods a few miles a year, so the law is moot to them.
Okay enough of my bitching.

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I understand there are two bills that address the pre 74 smog exemption. They are SB800 and SB1172. I have written my state representative, who is on the Senate Transportation Committee, Liz Figueroa. The reply I got from her thanked me for my inputs, but a form letter none the less. These people are all in the pocket of major environmental interests like the Sierra Club.

The real danger here is the remote sensing program. This has nothing to do with repealing the exemption. It simply allows them to sense the exhaust emissions from any car in the state using roadside laser sensors. If your car produces emissions above a predetermined level (for all cars, not just for 1968 Fords) then they call you in to inspect your car. I'm willing to bet any carburated car will never pass their Smog Check II guidelines. Simple answer is that we're screwed. The next step is to buy the car from us for $500 and then send it to the crusher for air pollution credits. The credits can be used to offset the smog production of power plants that can then be placed on line for more up time. That might not have been a popular sell prior to the rolling blackouts, but watch it's appeal to the general public now.

Perhaps we should be discussing a mass vintage car rally in Sacramento.


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Hopefully, my morning's experience will ease your mind a little. I just now came from having my '81 Bronco smogged at a "test only center" (the state's way of trying to single out certain vehicles they feel sure will fail) and my carburated 351W passed with flying colors. I was amazed at how far below the legal emmissions my Truck was. Now this has a catalyptic perverter (man, I love that phrase /forums/images/icons/cool.gif), smog pump and such, but lets me know that both my running mustangs would easily pass California emmissions. IMHO, only the true junkers need worry about roadside testing.

On the original post, several members of our club have received responses back from various letters written, all of them saying the same thing ... there's currently no legislation left on the books to repeal the bi-annual exemption that the pre-'74 cars get.

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