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Cable Clutch conversion, need some advice

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I have decided that my next step is installing a cable clutch system of some sort. I was looking around and haven't been able to find out many differences. I found the Ron Morris one for $250. I was wanting some input from people that are using them currently or at least know a bit about them. Which ones have proven best, price, etc. Thanks
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I am using the setup from Danny Banh at DB Engineering here in SoCal. It is a bit pricey at 350 bucks, but is very straightforward and easy to install. If you are interested, I am getting ready to post pics at my website, but if you need them sooner let me know....


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I'm also using the DB Performance cable clutch setup. As stated, it's very nicely engineered, and installs by simply drilling one hole in the firewall. You do have to send your clutch pedal and clutch support bracket to them to modify (or pay a pretty high core charge). But it works like a charm...I also used a Centerforce II clutch, and it's very smooth and takes very little force.

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