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A friend of mine has a '68 coupe with a 9" 373 in it. He purchased a 9" 279. His ujoint is to big to fit into the yoke on the 279. When he told me about it, I didn't catch the 9". I have an 8" 279 in mine, and will not be using the original drive shaft, so I sold it to him. It's the same as his ujoint. How can a 9" 373 and 8" 279 be the same, but not the 9" 27 9? I don't know what my 8" came out of, and he doesn't know what the 9" 279 came out of. He's getting me the houseing info if it'lll help. (Sorry that took so long to explain)
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Ford used different yokes for different applications. Each yoke might take a different U-joint. I have a 9" pumkin from an '80 Monarch. I'm running a yoke from a '68 F-100, and the u-joint is half F-100 and half Mustang 6 cylinder. See where this is going... It all depends on what it came out of.


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