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Hi guys, from Downunder,
as per previous thread i have a 65 fastback with a 302 ,Toploader WR, 9 inch diff with 3.00:1 ratio.
The engine has a cobra style intake , 600 Edelbrock and Hooker longtube headers. The motor was rebuilt in 2004 and bored 30 thou. It has a small cam the engine builder only remembers one specification and that is that the cam had about .450 lift!.
Compcams recommendation assuming standard heads and CR was to go for the XE256H cam.
A local engine builder acquaintance did not recommend a dual pattern cam as they affect the biulding /maintaining of CR in an otherwise standard engine.
Chioces would be Compcams 268H or the 270H. The 270H has .500 lift which maybe pushing the saftey envelope on stock heads.

what do you guys think and is anyone running a similar specification ?
What results have you achieved.
By the way i have googled this and seems to be 50/50 split betwwen the recommendations with slight favouratism for the newer dual pattern cams.
thanks in advance :shrug:

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