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I'm after some suggestions for a suitable cam and stall speed TC please.

Engine details as below:
1966 289 motor.
Stroked to 331 (Scat kit; Mahle forged pistons).
AFR 185cc Enforcer heads (2.02" intake, 185cc; 1.60" exhaust, 64cc; 59cc combustion chamber; 0.60" max lift approx).
Should be somewhere around 10.2:1 CR.
Hydraulic lifters (Cant remember brand but they are "high-rev" lifters).
Full roller rockers (1.6)
Patriot Tri-Y headers. Rest of exhaust yet to do.
Edelbrock Performer intake.
C4 trans (currently stock), and stock rear end.

I'm thinking something like a 650CFM carb would suit? I quite like the Edelbrock AVS2 carbs, and 650 is their next size up.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good matching cam and stall speed for a TC, please?

Will be for semi-regular street use, and the occasional drag strip too, so would be nice to pull well for that.

Many thanks. :)
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