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Cam timing confusion

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I would probably know the answer to this if I had degree'd in my cam, LOL. If my cam card says 110 lobe separation at 106 intake center line and the cam is ground with 4 degrees advance then assuming everything is actually where it is supposed to be is my lobe separation 110 or is it 106?

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I'm not a cam expurt, but lobe seperation is fixed ( by the way cam is ground ) so advancing or retarding it, won't change lobe seperation.

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The intake valve is at its maximum lift at 106 deg ATDC That is the intake centerline.
Lobe separation is the number of degrees separating the peak lift point of the intake and exhaust valves.This you cannot change.
Intake centerline,the peak lift point of the intake can be changed in relationship to the TDC of the piston by degreeing the cam
If you are 4 deg advanced the the effective intake centerline is 102 deg

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