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camachinist, other racers - best accelerometer

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I'm in the market for an accelerometer and wondered if any of you had any specific brand/model preferences. Any product sites to check out on the web? I would like to get one ASAP for some upcoming testing.

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The free kind you borrow off a friend, can't beat 'em. :)

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Is there more than one brand? I'd buy one on a group purchase and a meaningful discount.
I always have used the one between my ears, occasionally conferring with the 60' clocks at my local drag strip....*G*

Seriously, short of the professional classes in NHRA racing, I doubt any of the people I routinely see at the track have ever messed with one......

I think your best bet would be to contact the mechanical engineering lab or physics lab at your local college; they often interface with the automotive sciences departments in developing new technologies and likely have all the instruments necessary. They may even be looking for a project and a guinea pig just never know unless you ask...*G*

I've been messing around with a G-Tech Pro. They seem to be very accurate. Not as much as going to the strip and you couldn't claim what your car runs in the quarter by what the G-tech says but it is consistent if used on the same stretch of road. It's great for making tweaks on things and then testing them. I like the G-force setting more than anything. It will do launch G's and braking G's. A little more calibrated then the good 'ol butt-o-meter *G*


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