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Camaro vs. Mustang

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Hey fellow Mustang enthusiasts...I have to give a speech next week for my public speaking class. It has to persuade the audience to do something. I thought it would be cool to try and persuade them to buy a classic Mustang, as opposed to a classic Camaro. What would you consider valid reasons for buying a Mustang versus a Camaro?
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Value, Camaros go down in value. Not really. My brother had
a Camaro and it was a blast to drive. There are no clubs for
Camaros here in Calf. like the Shelby Club. Several Camaro
people are members of the club and run with us at the open
track events. They are not a popular as the Mustang.
Before they changed the smog laws, none of the
Camaros could have a big cam. The '65 Mustangs could.
I don't think Caroll Shelby will sign a Camaro!

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The Mustang is an Icon of the 60's--The USPS made a stamp of one. I agree with the above post too as far as value and club support. Unless you have a rare Camaro, i.e., a COPO, Yenko, or maybe a Z-28, they don't hold up in value as well. Also try finding the same level of club and aftermarket/reproduction parts support for the "bowtie" vs. the pony. The Mustang has several dedicated magazines to it as well. Heck, Trader Publications even has a Mustang and Ford Trader, but they don't have one for the Camaro (Vette, but not Camaro). Surf the net too and you won't find nearly as many dedicated sites to the Camaro vs. the Mustang. Furthermore, performance. There are many stangs out there (unfortunately except for some late models) that simply out perform the Camaro. Check out some magazine comparisons of yesteryear. Yes, the Z-28 did compare equally to the Boss 302 in some rags, but look at all the other possibilities out there. Finally, you could get a Mustang in either a coupe, fastback/sportsroof, or convertible model compared to the Camaro. I could go on to about Bosses, Mach 1s, GTs, Shelby's, etc. vs. the few selections like I mentioned above for the Camaro.

1966 GT convertible

I'll do my best.
I have a 67 RS/SS camaro that sits about 14' away from my GT390 and I can't tell you how many times I glance back and forth at them wondering what the designers and production people believed were the selling points for their prospective cars. This isn't the forum to advocate Camaros but as Musclecar enthusiasts we all have to appreciate them as well built comparable cars to the Mustang which , after all , is why they ever came to be in the first place.
My contention between these two cars has really been the difference of the package. Chevy dropped the wing-windows in 68, the Stang still had them as well as way more chrome and stainless pieces on the grill, lettering, window glass, tail light detail and surrounding, interior lighting and stuff like that, not to mention things like toploaders, nine-inch rear ends and the wonderful FE and small block engines which surpass most, but not all of GM's retaliations.
Ford really started it, and it seems to me that they kept their head above the rest the whole way. I like my Camaro, it's really cool, but I'll never part with my Mustang.

1. The Mustang was the original "pony car". All others including the camaro are merely copy cats.
2. How often do you see a well restored camaro? Very rarely. They are usually junky p.o.s. cars. Maybe parts are hard to get for them.
3. When I'm in my 'stang out for a drive, my arm gets tired waving at all the passing motorists. I wonder if a camaro driver has this problem, I doubt it.
4. Have you ever noticed how many classic Mustangs you see on T.V. and in movies. I can't remember the last movie I saw that featured a camaro. Another example of the Mustang's popularity.
5. The Mustang appeals to people of all ages. I remember when I was only about 4 yrs. old and urging my dad to drive by the Ford dealership so I could check out the new Mustangs on the lot. I never heard of a camaro 'till I was much older.
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I gave my persuasive speech a few semesters ago on why you should buy a Mustang instead of newer car. There's a lot more reasons, IMHO, for that as oppossed to the Camaro vs. Mustang argument.

The speech must have gone well, because I had more people asking me questions at the end of the speech than any other speech given, and I got an A /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

I probably still have the outline if you want a copy.

Having owned Camaros, Mustangs, and other muscle cars, I like the Mustang the best, but could probably debate any remarks as to why one was better than the other ... and so will the Chevy lovers in the crowd. Contrary to popluar belief, Camaros hold their value at least as much as Mustangs, have just as good of support clubs, and have more aftermarket parts than we do.

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You should be pursuadeing your class to buy a Camero, not a Rustang. How could anyone on this forum even think that the Mustang is worth more or better than a Camaro. The Mustang may have come first, but Chevy made the pony car even better. Please dont waste your time tring to persaude your clas to buy a Mustang. They cant be that gullable.

I hate all Fords especially Mustangs

Chevy_Lover, Why do you hate all Fords especially Mustangs? Is it because all you ever see of a Mustang is the rearend? LOL!!!

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Please learn to spell camAro correctly! While all comments are welcome, I think that yours are truly disrespectful. I'll be first to admit that the Camaro is a nice car. However, I also love "America's Favorite Ponycar," and apparently so do a lot of other people. Before you try to dismiss everyone's opinion's, why don't you first try gaining some credibility by learning the meaning of the word RESPECT.

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Please be informed that Chevy_Lover is one of the truly beloved VMF regulars who uses this handle on occasion; he is known to the webmaster and a couple of us others. He likes to goad us into wild hysteria. The best response is no response at all... me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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