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First, clean the area where the leak seems to be to determine exactly what the problem is...a pressure washer and degreaser works best...

If the leak is from the mating surface where the pinion support meets the pumpkin, then it's an o-ring on the support that needs replacing... remove the support, replace the o-ring, re-install...easy..just use the depth shim that comes off over again.

If it's the pinion yoke seal, then the picture is a bit more'll need the seal and a new crush sleeve at the minimum....bearings are likely ok but they're also a replacement possibility...

The crush sleeve sets the bearing preload...the specs and how to do this is in your service manual...

If you have any more questions after determining the problem and reading up, please post..

BTW, when you pull the pinion support, all the gear oil will drain out...have a pan handy...I hate 90W..*G*

As long as you use the same depth shim over, your pinion depth will remain the same...

The old crush sleeve will slide right off when you pull the pinion out of the support...DO NOT re-use may also be called a bearing spacer

None of the above is difficult if you have the proper tools (you'll need a torque wrench or long handled breaker bar to tighten the pinion to crush the sleeve), a good bench vise to clamp on the pinion yoke while tightening and a service manual describing the can get the parts (I believe a kit is available) from most any parts house...Summit for example...

Good luck!

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