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Went up to Canada with my sister and her husband to visit my uncle in Campbell River, BC (Vancouver Island).

There was an annual Labor Day car show Sunday with 400-500 cars entered. Cars ranged from a 1902 Rambler to 2004 Hyundai Tiburon. Lots of classics and antiques. Mopar was very well represented with around 50-60 Mopar muscle cars including a Hemi Challenger and a survivor Hemi Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird. Of course there were the requisite Camaros and Corvettes but the majority of iron was from the thirties through fifties. About 25 Mustangs were there including a very sharp Boss 302 and an absolutely perfect 69 Mach 1 351C. The majority were 65-66 cars. Unfortunately for me there weren't any 71-73 Mustangs. Lots of motorcycles though including a 1948 Harley, a 1933 Indian and my cousin's 1951 BSA. Something for everyone.

Best of the show was a 55 Chevy Coupe. I'm not a Chvey fan but this was a car to die for. The car looked like the car Harrison Ford drove in American Graffiti but was very well done. The engine was painted a bright lime green with lots of chrome and goodies. The underside of the hood was fully chromed. The underside was perfect. Very nice car.

Here's a link to some of the car. Most of the pics are of the Mustangs there.

BTW, traffic coming home was great. We made it from the ferry in Canada to Centralia in less than 4 hours. Going through Seatttle at 8PM was a breeze.

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