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I am going to swap the cam in my 71 Mach 1 with a 460. I just wanted to know what kind of idle characteristics and overall performance I can expect from the cam I am considering. The specs for a cam that I already have and may install:

288/298 @ full
228/238 @ 50
544/544 lift intake/exhaust
114 deg lobe seperation
Powerband 2500-5500

Engine specs are:

Pocket ported heads
9:1 compression
Holley 750cfm mech sec
Performer Intake
Hooker Headers w/3" dual pipes and Flowmasters
2200 stall
3.25 rear end

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The wide lobe seperation and short .050 duration will make that a great street cam. Personally, I'd call that the smallest performance cam for a motor that size, but it will certainly run nice. I run an almost identical cam in my 390 in a 4x4 truck, and it has great vacuum, good idle, but you can tell there is a cam in it from the exhaust sound at idle. You should have no negative effects what so ever with driveability, its a very good match for your setup
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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