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Can blower motor be replaced w/o draining coolant

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I need to change my heater blower motor and the manuals say to drain the coolant. Is there any way to change the motor with out draining it all? Tips or Tricks?

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Please fill out your profile so we know what car you have. I will assume you have a 65 from your handle. Unless you have unusually long heater hoses, it will be necessary to drain the coolant so they can be disconnected. This is required because the blower motor is sandwiched between the heater box and firewall. if you have never had it apart, I would suggest installing a new foam seal kit as well. Not very hard if you have the heater case out anyway. Good Luck!!!

To remove the heater motor, you have to take the whole heater assembly out of the car (which isn't bad on 65/66's). That's why you have to drain the coolant.
You could use a pair of vice grips to close off the two hoses running to the heater core, then put down plastic and use a bucket to catch what the core bafts out when you disconnect it. Watch out... coolant is yucky stuff.

Max Kern
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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