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A guy has a 1967 manual steering box for sale. I want to replace my power steering box because it is the long shaft box. I'd like to buy this manual box and install my power steering components along with it. Can I do this? I don't think there is much difference between the power box and manual box. I think the manual box just has a little beefier internal parts, right?

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The manual box and the power steering box are
physically the same size, it's just the ratio
that is different, like 4 turns lock to lock
on a ps gear and 5 turns lock to lock on a ms
gear. It will work but your power steering will be
very easy and you will lose some road feel.
I'm sending you a PT with more info.

Also depending on the gear you get some have a
1 1/8" sector shaft and some have a 1" sector shaft,
your gear with the long shaft is the 1" version
so your pitman arm may or may not work.
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