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Can I use any ps pump in a 67, and other questions

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I'm looking into converting my convertible from manual to power steering (I know some people will think I'm nuts, but I really am going to have to have my wife driving this car sometimes). I've got a power steering setup deal going but it doesn't have a pump with it.

I've never put in/pulled out a power steering pump. So, is there a specific pump that I have to use or can I use generally any Ford/non ford pump?

Also, what are the best chances of not having a leak or any serious problems with the power steering once I get it in there? My manual steering works pretty good, and in a way I don't look forward to maybe dealing with leaking systems, but I really am going to have to put it in. I've noticed some folks on there have said they've never had a leak or problem with their power steering systems, so I'd like to know what their secrets are...

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Replace ALL of the hoses, and rebuild the control valve. I didn't replace the two small hoses that go from the control valve to the power steering cylinder, and they seep. Everything else is great, up until yesturday. My return hose sprung a leak, turned out the crimp on hose clamp was loose, that was a two bit fix. Now it works without leaking.

As for the power steering pump, mine was from an inline 6, bolted right up to the 351. Hopefully somebody else can be more specific as to what can fit and what doesn't.

Good luck


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First and foremost, used good quality hoses, parts and rebuilt power steering components...these things do wear out beyond the ability of a re-seal to fix...

Second, by careful with how your hoses are routed...this is a moving hydraulic system and the hoses need to be routed to provide flexibility in movement as well as be protected from heat.

Personally, other than a leaky reservoir seal on my Eaton PS pump, the system on the D-coder has worked flawlessly since I bought the car in '93. The PO gave me receipts for nearly 400.00 in parts and labor on the PS system and evidently it was money well spent. I just did some minor hose protecting and re-routing and put in some better hoses from the valve to the ram...

I would imagine most of the post-Eaton pumps would work fine on your '67 with the right bracket...I might even have one off a 429 over at my mom's house...can't remember what all is in that shed...*G*

Above all, use Mercron III as PS oil. BEFORE switching to Mercron (sp?) III from Type F, I replaced 4 low pressure hoses and 3 high pressure return hoses. I replaced those hoses almost like clockwork every 60 days. It was so bad I considered removing the entire #[email protected]% system. Since the last hose was replaced, 7/11/00--no more leaks. The modern PS oil has longer lasting protective additives than Type F.

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I have found that most of the ford pumps have the same bolt pattern on the pumps and will bolt to the early brackets. I put a pump out of a 79 lincoln versaille on my 67 fastback with a 390 so I could run the hydro boost setup.
Hey Cub, I'm still saving that P/S pump in my garage for you. What we need to do is take a weekend and do them together. I need to re-build mine and you need to install yours. I kinda know the ropes on the install and if we work together, we can break them both. *G*

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Don't wait to long, kids baseball season is starting.

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Keep in mind that if we break it too badly, I'll be forced to move in for awhile ;)

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