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Can restomods be worth money?

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We all know how much completely original cars in great condition are worth. But is there a market for quality restomods? im talking upgrades and improvements on every part of the car . . . id like to think that if the time ever comes for me to sell my car that i'll be able to sell it for a good price. Does anyone know of any restomods that sold for a lot of money?
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There will always be a group of people that think higher of a restomod. So, there will always be buyers. In my experience it doesn't matter much, depending on the type of buyer. When you're looking for a restomod, you still want a good one. I think you just need to find the right buyer... One with similar taste to yours..... I've heard of pretty expensive restomods going for asking prices, so I guess there's hope *LOL*

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Sure...but it depends on the quality of the work and how tasteful the modifications are.

Purple metal flake paint with ricer wheels and tires just doesn't cut it :)

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I've heard of resto-mods in the form of replica Shelbys garnering (IMHO) silly money, and other well executed cars similarly getting respectable sums of cash. You only have to look to HotRods and what they command. People who really like custom cars, but lack either the time or skill to act upon those dreams will pay to live it.

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Just don't make something that you don't think anyone else would like. Or paint something that looks gawd awlful like this one

You'll probably never make your money back on a restomod unless you're doing a streetrod. I don't even think those guys make money. You should be able to sell it for a good price though.

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I spent some time speaking to Dean Krause last summer at an auto auction. He will speak to you for a long time if he thinks you will buy a car. He is a really nice guy.....

Anyway he said that a very tastefully done car can bring as much and more as a restored original car. By tasteful he meant carb, manifold, headers, period rims etc.... Just like the car you would have built and modified if you had he money back them. They are worth even more if the original parts are still in the trunk.

So in short don't built an outrageous car that only you and one other person would like.

No shag carpeting, jacked up rear, flowered vinyl top, chain steering wheels, tube front axles, fuzzy dashboard....You get the idea. Lets see what other tasteless modifications we can think of...

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I've seen tastefully modded cars bringing more and more cash lately. Especially Fastbacks.

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But I liked those pipes! Those pipes, those Pipes, Those PIPES! wrapping around the car, pouring forth that... Those PIPES!....

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I have a friend that sold his EL Camino for a pretty profit...he had basically lowered the car, installed IROC rims, a Corvette motor and overdrive trans. And paint. A broker he met at a swap meet hooked him up with a Japanese gentleman who bought the car for about 5K more than my friend had in the car...Imagine how surprised the Japanese guy will be when he gets the car to Japan and finds out the distributor is on the wrong side of the engine. I think if you stick to tasteful period modifications...or go the EFI 5.0, Overdrive, Disk brake, Rack and pinion route you may get your money back. But, you have to finish the car, and be doing your own work. If you're having shops do the work, then kiss your cash (and lots of it)goodbye (just my opinion).
Geez, Bish. Kick a guy while he's down why don't ya!

Poor fool has been trying to sell that masterpiece for how long now?

He's certainly had more than his fifteen minutes of fame, hasn't he?

Dang! Just when I got used to being "strange", I became a "newbie", then a "tire-kicker". Now I'm a "beginner"?.....hmmmmmm...where do I start?
I say don't worry about what your gonna get down the road, just have FUN with your car. That's why I have mine!!

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You want something else disgusting take a look at the web site posted by bishir!
Now that is beyond gaudy!

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as long as there will be guys with innovation there will be a market for their wares...

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