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I am learning about the c4 and need to know what the correct torque converter to purchase. I don't have one to compare against. is there a post that that provides this and measurements on the bell housing. I am going to have to purchase both.

I am bolting this up to a 94 5.0. I have a bit of confusion going on. I have two flex plates - one that came off a 289 and one that came off a 302. the flexplate off the 302 is much larger in diameter than the one i took off the 289. its has me wondering if it was a c4 on the 302. this is because when i hold the flexplate off the 302 up to the bell housing of the tranny that came off the 289, there is no way it would fit in any bell housing that would bolt up to a 289 and they are interchangeable...

confusing? you shuld be in my shoes....i purchased a c4 from advance auto parts and the converter that came with it matches the one that was in my 289 setup. to make matters worst, no bell housing came with it.

if i can just get the diameter of the corrrect fleplate, i should be okay. some measurements of the correct bell housing would help too...



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You need the $100 flexplate that is 50 oz balance and for a small bell. Later 302's, and all 5.0's use a 50 oz balance on the flexplate. Also, the 5.0's and such came with "large bell" transmissions and flexplates that were bigger. So, basically none of the late model flexplates will fit in the early c4 bellhousing. If you want to use the 289 flexplate, its not the right balance (most likely), but it IS the right size.

i believe the flexplates come in 158 and 164 teeth, you want the 158, with 50 oz balance weight (most likely).
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