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I have a 69 mustang that I have had for sometime now and I never have been able to find out for certain exactly what it is. (Not that Ive tried to hard) But I just seen a 69 GT coupe that looks just like mine (as far as the body features) Except this one has a 390 and mine has the original 351W. Can someone point me in a direction that may tell me what I need to know. It doesnt matter what it turns out being, Id just like to finally find out for sure. Thanks

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This is from an older article, but is a good starting point........

• GT Handling Suspension Stiffer front and rear springs Larger front and rear shock absorbers Larger diameter front stabilizer
• Dual exhausts (with chrome "quad" outlets on 4V engines)
• GT racing stripes
• GT pop-open gas cap
• E70-14 wide oval belted tires
• Argent Styled Steel wheels with chrome trim rings and GT hubcaps
• Pin-type hood-lock latches
• Non-functional hood scoop with integral turn signal indicators
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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