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can you believe it, missed it by - that much

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I drove out to Injune to by that Shelby.
Some bloke had been there just hours before and bought it and yes it was a real 66 Shelby. I just about broke down and cried.
The bloke who bought the car had been searching the world for this car ,some yank by the name of Lew Spencer!! *G*

No ,struth cobber,far suck of the sauce bottle ,stone the crows, fair dinkum mate , would I lie to you . If that stories not true blue ,may all my chooks turn to emus and my sh*t house down.

If in doubt give it a clout
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Sorry to hear you didn't get the Shelby.
Maybe there's another on out there for ya down under!
Maybe next about this time you'll find a realy nice GT-500 down around where you live.
Actually I bet your neighbor has had it in his garage all this time!

66' 289 2v, C-4, bench and a/c
I feel your pain. I went to look at 68 1/2 CJ once, and we got there only to find that it had been purchased about 10 minutes prior to our arrival. At least it's still in the area, and I hear the restoration is almost finished, so maybe I'll get to see it this summer.

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If in doubt give it a clout
If at first you don't succeed , find a bigger hammer
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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