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Can you believe IT!!!

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Today I did a quick fuel tank swap on my 66 GT because of a slow leak that I got tired of dealing with. I changed the tank, sending unit, gasket, filler hose and locking ring. did a leak check with 2 gal of high octane and things looked good. Then I drove over to the local gas station and filled up. Go home and discovered that the sending unit leaks at the wire lead thar goes to the fuel gage if I touch it......Guess I just won't touch it!!!

Should I send it back (after I burn this tank of gas) or Live with it? Its been 6 hours since I touched it and it has not leaked.
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Get it fixed! The leak is immenent, with potentially dangerous results.
Definitely get it fixed, you'll feel alot safer that way.
Get it replaced. You paid for good parts, not marginally good parts.
Ahh the world of wonderful repo parts. Been there, done that. Went thru three before I got one that didn't leak around the wire fixture. The tough part is changing it, even though you get the replacement free with shipping of course both ways. I still find myself looking under the car expecting a leak after so many bad ones.
Thats a thought....have you tried this before? How do I do it?
If you don't have the solder gun, etc, try to find a friend with the stuff. They'll likely be able to help you. I'd suspect that the solder that has been used on the tank from the factory is silver solder. You may have to buy a roll of that to do the job. Using flux is a must for proper adhesion. GL
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