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Can't beat eBay for *hard-to-find* NOS parts ...

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I was looking over my latest ebay purchase, and started thinking about the pros and cons of ebay. I'll state up front that when I can, I buy my stuff from reputable folks (NPD, Virginia Mustang and Ponderosa Mustang to name a few).

But not everything needed for a vintage restoration can be found in catalogs. That said, this just some ofl the cool stuff I've gotten -- at what I think are fair prices -- from ebay:

1. Factory rebuilt fuel pump (in late '60s box) with "CARbureTER" on it. I think the price was around $63.
2. NOS fan clutch in original box with correct part nos. on the edge for $48.
3. Rebuilt C6AE waterpump -- go ahead, try to find one! -- again for around $65.
4. NOS A/C clutch in the old "FOMOCO" box, complete with Fomoco script sticker -- for $14 more than rebuilding my old one.
5. And my favorite: an *unissued* 1966 Florida tag (my car was delivered to Jacksonville) for a whopping $12.

I'm sure somewhere I could have saved a few dollars *if* I knew who to talk to or where to look. But even with shipping, if you add in the cost of traveling to shows, the inconvenience of lugging stuff around, etc., Ebay is not bad if you know what you are looking for.

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I agree, if you're careful and smart you can do quite well on ebay. I needed a new turn signal switch for my coupe today and they are obsolete from Ford now. I had bought an NOS one for my fastback on ebay last year so I'm taking it to my mechanic tomorrow. I still have an excellent used one for the fastback, but probably will be using something else due to the modifications on the car. I think my best buy was the excellent Shelby console with all attaching parts that I got last year for $200. The repro console (without the lid and other stuff) is about $400 and mine looks mint.

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