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Can't even the simple stuff go smoothly?

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Finally got repo screws to put in my repo licence plate light. The car has holes in the bumper and trunk rear showing that it had an original, once.

First, plug it in to test it out. No light! Oh, wait, it's not grounded is it? Ground it, light comes on, Hooray!

Molded plug won't fit through the hole in the trunk. Way too wide. The grommit on the wire assembly looks perfect for the hole. Finally end up tearing off the molded plastic, and just electrical taping up around the wire connection. Hey, it's a repo anyway.

Everything in? Good. Lights on! Hooray!

Go get SWMBO. Show off to SWMBO. SWMBO goes inside. I come back to admire, no light. Disassemble, light bulb has blown already. Man, I hope it was just a bad bulb, but the rear lights seem OK, so it's probably not too much voltage.

*sigh* So now I'm off to Schuck's in the morning to get a new bulb, and see how long this lasts....

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Are you having fun yet ?? !!!!!!!!
ALWAYS having fun! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Yeah, I remember that molded plug that was way too big for the hole. Makes me want to line up all the repro manufacturers who made all the crappy parts I had to deal with, then move down the line giving them all a "Moe Slap"

I took a dremel to the molded plug and ground some of the grommet-plug off. It fits fine now. Well, it used to, until I stripped Midlife bare!
Gosh, after battling the "big" stuff on my project, I was looking forward to small fun details....../forums/images/icons/tongue.gif. Maybe I better not get in a hurry to fight steering wheel detail parts and plate lights. I'll just stick with welding on something on my ride. I'm just not ready to finesse fine details just yet, lol. Keep us posted, Steve, you are in the thick of things too! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
It's the small things that keep you from getting bored until something BIG breaks again! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif If it weren't for those, I'd have to go out and buy another Mustang, and then SWMBO really WOULD kill me.

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