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Ok. First off, today I

replaced fuel pump
Replaced fuel line tank to carb(NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO THIS!)
Replaced both needle and seats.
Gaped my points
Did my best to get rid of vacuum leaks
new fuel filter

Just replaced 2 barrel with holley 600(im wishing I bought an edelbrock) and put a performer intake on. I have all the leaks and everything taken care of and now I am trying to get the thing in tune.
I have set both float levels so they are barely driping out the threads.
Set Idle to 750
Opened the choke all the way
Set timing from 8 btdc all the way to 20. 14 seems to be the smoothest. I think total is 33 at 3000
And just turned the idle mixture scres until it was smoothest.

The throttle response is all right. But it was less low end than my 2 barrel, then falls on its face from 2k to 3k. Then wakes up and runs to about 5400rpm pretty strong. It seems to fall on its face win the secondary's come in. The jets and springs are all stock replacements on the rebuild. I want to note that at full throttle it makes this sound that lasts about 1/2 second and sounds like something is wrong, bare with me, sounds like-- " ffffuuiT" /forums/images/icons/smile.gif thats the best I can decribe it. It's somewere in between paper being riped fast and a F1 car flying by you. It is very loud. What could this mean.. Starving? flooding? Never buy a rebuilt carb?

Im too cheap to go get a holley book or have a mechanic tune the car so help would be very appreciated. Thanks.
Oh, and its a stock cam on a 70 351 c 2v.

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dude i did my friends 70 mach 1 like a pro with this website and check out his B.O.B (Bottom Of Bottle)invention it gets oil out of many bottles that have that tiny bit that wont get out great!!!!
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