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Had the same thing happen to me this weekend. It also quit when I wrapped on the solenoid so I thought that was the problem. I bought a new solenoid and starter too since mine was old and I wanted to replace it anyway. Bolted everything back up and it still did it.

I got the wife to turn the ignition switch while I tested the leads. It seemed to work OK as long as the starter wasn't hooked up and drawing it's current. But as soon as I hooked it all up it would lock in again.

Since everything was new except the ignition switch I figured that had to be the real problem. My suspicions were confirmed when my wife started the car once, the starter disengaged like it should and the engine was running. So I motioned for her to turn it off. Imagine my surprise when she waved the keys at me! It was turned off, I had to pull the wires off the solenoid to shut the car off.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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