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Car show planning......

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I am looking for input from someone more experienced in the world of car shows.
Our town has never had a car show, well this summer me and another fellow are planning on having one. We already have a commitment from a club 2 hrs south of us and they will be helping somewhat.
We have the location.....park by the lakefront (okayed by the town) Alternate will be the indoor hockey rink.
We have safe grad doing a food concession for us.
We have a huge barbeque and a deal struck with a food supplier (safe grad will keep all the profits)
We have a local hotel to give a cut rate for the overnighting guests.......and security for the cars.
We have a couple of prizes donated (ghetto blaster, free fuel fillup etc...)
There will be music during the day and after the show the other fellow will have a large picnic in his back yard.
Sunday brunch will be offered in the local hotel....they are also allowing us to use the bathrooms in their place across the street during the show.
What can we give the prizes away for ???????
farthest traveled ??
people's choice ??
what else ?
We are wanting this to be fun and light hearted, spending time with new friends and family.
Bring some money into town and get the south to see the beauty of the north
Anyone with expeience in this please tell what works and what doesn't.


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The one area were first time car shows fall flat on their faces is ADVERTISING!! Get the word out to several neighboring car clubs, post flyers in places like car parts places (Pep Boys, Autozone), dealerships, etc. Use the internet to search out car activities within a 100 mile radius and let them know what you are planning. Enlist the aid of your local Chamber of Commerce and the City Hall. The list can go on and on, but several car shows that I never attended were ones I never heard about....


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Here are some awards you could give that I have seen at some car shows....
1. Most Original
2. Fastest/Most Powerful Engine
3. Oldest(For the antique cars)
4. People's Choice(Like you said)
5. Farthest Traveled(Also, like you said)
6. Most modifications
And, you could seperate these into different categories
Example: Antique Cars, Muscle Cars, Lowriders, Trucks, Leadsleds, etc.
Hope these help! What town/state is this going to be in? Good luck!


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Thanks Sean
We are meeting this evening to plan some of the prizes. Thanks for the input.
The show will be June 16 in La Ronge Saskatchewan.......probably 10,000mi from you.


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