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Car show prep

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So as I work to finish my Fastback for its first, (and mine) first car show season. Want to know if anyone has tips for prepped the car for the shows? Cleaning supply tips? What do you use to clean various areas? Any tips??
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Detailing tools?

I really like long-stem q-tips: Wood Stem Costmetic Swab: Beauty

OK, give me a few minutes, I think I can give you a more helpful response.
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I assume you're a rookie at this Car Show stuff...

First you have to understand there's a HUGE learning curve for prepping. MUCH MUCH more involved than you might expect.

It's not just, "What products do you use?"

For starters, specific product recommendations can be misleading.


--I used Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash & Z6 Detail Spray on my long-gone Corvette. But that is probably all wrong for you. (Don't put polymer sealants over wax, and vica versa.) Zaino is great, but expensive and can be a lot of work.

-- I really like Wheel Wax for simple-style chrome wheels. But not for painted wheels. And no way would I use it on wire wheels or wheels with lots of nooks & crannies (too much work for me).

-- Porter Cable makes very useful polishing kits. But polishing is only one part of paint prep. And you can damage your paint if you do it wrong.

My Suggestions:

-- As suggested by 69bossnine, a trip to Walmart will get you started. But don't get carried away... it's easy to spend $100's before you have a clue.

-- For your first Show, don't get crazy... just do a common-sense thorough cleaning.

-- Until you're more knowledgeable & experienced, choose basic products from ONE well-known manufacturer... Meguiars, Mothers, Turtle Wax, whatever. Just pick one & stick with 'em. Later you might branch out, with more specialized products and/or high-end stuff.

-- Talk with people at Shows. Yes, you can watch them do their ritual day-of-Show prep. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The real work is behind-the-scenes, days & weeks (and sometimes months) beforehand.

-- Maybe later (if ever) you can try to compete with the experienced highly-motivated obsessive-compulsive Car Show folks. In the meantime, relax & enjoy the Show.

-- Lots of useful specific info, like How to Detail an Engine. Some good stuff on youtube too. But some info is weak, just a product ad.

-- Browse these:
Auto Detailing Facts, auto detailing Tips, How to detailing Guides, how to polish, how to wax, DIY detailing, do it yourself guides
Car Care Discussion - Corvette Forum
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A bar for Clay-mation characters.

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