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Unfortunately my car was backed into by a cargo van at the Ford 100th show and I am starting to look for replacement parts for the car.

Shaker Hood (NOS or nice Original)
Mach 1 Grille (NOS or Repro Original tool)
Center Grille Brace (Original)
RH Fender Ext (NOS or Nice Original)
RH Sport Lamp Brackets (Nice Original)
Lower Grille Molding (NOS)
RH Fend EXT Molding (NOS)
Hood Molding (NOS)

Guys-first choice is in stated but let me know what you have, maybe I will put a bit of work into it.



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i have access to some of the parts you need will the original ford tooling hood work if you are supplied with the template for the shaker also i have the tooling grille and a nos set of the fog light bezels i believe i have the lenses as well in nos, the brackets all i have are pairs, the grille support do you need the "G" shaped piece or the hood latch suppport or both?
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