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Hey - I am experiencing the joys of restoring a car that is older than I am, unfortunately, not too much older! If anyone knows the answer to these two questions, it would be great:
#1. I have a 4 bl carb that came with the car, and is (supposedly) origional. The car is a 1965 Fastback, with the (A-code?) 4v engine (definately not the "K" code). The carb is a FOMOCO unit, with the tag on the primary side reading C5ZF K, and B 4M below that. Other features? Automatic choke, big, not a spread-bore.

#2. While resurrecting from the grave practically (time in progress so far - about 10 years of off/on work as time available, but the end is in sight this year. Really!). I have the heater core out and one thing that strikes me is that the heater hoses have to run into the fire wall to connect with the core. Does anyone know of another heater core that will fit as the origional, but with longer tubes, that would extend through the fire wall (easier to change down the road). I am not entirely sure if the heater core is origional, but I noticed that all of the replacement part numbers for all years are the same. Any help would be appreciated.

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According to Pony Carbs, the carb is correct for a 65 Mustang 289 auto trans with a road draft tube (meaning not California emissions). It is an Autolite 4100 with 1.08" venturis.
Pony Carbs speaks very highly of this carb. Lots of Mustangers feel there is no better carb for a stock to mildly modified 289. For what it's worth, me too.
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