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She's beautiful, Andy......and so is the car! The RPM/600CFM carb is a good combination; I use them. While you're at it, and while the car is apart, you can also swap out the cam for an inexpensive Summit Performer-type unit. They are around $73.00 inluding lifers. The gaskets and standard timing chain/gear set are inexpensive, too, and you can do the swap in a day. I'm going to go to the next "higher" Summit grind this winter (their cams are supposedly ground by Crane). You could also upgrade to a different rear end for better acceleration. I think used ones are around $100.00 for an open unit and only take about two hours to change. If you do that, don't forget to change the speedo gear. Those things would change the personalty of your car. Oh, and anti-sway bars, too. Front and rear. I use Stambars but even the inexpensive Addco's will make a big difference. Another thing to think about is the Pertronix upgrade with a higher voltage coil and silicon wires. You might think about making up a list and just see what you feel like adding to your parts boxes between now and winter.Just my 2 cents worth.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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