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Just throwing this out to see if anyone else has dealt with something similar. My bf's Wildcat has a 4-bbl carb (Rochester) that seems to have suddenly stopped working. We were driving, and the car died like it had run out of gas. We established that the carb wasn't getting fuel because it would start and run temporarily when we added gas to the carb by just pouring in. Thought it might be the fuel pump, so we replaced that and all of the filters and lines. The pump is pumping and we rebuilt the carb last night. As far as we can tell no passageways in the carb are blocked, and gas is making it to the carb--it's just not getting into the barrels. It continues to start up if we pour gas in the barrel, and we've also checked to make sure that the gas in the tank is good.

At this point we're pretty much stumped. Is it possible for a carb to just go bad? There were some odd settings on it when we took it apart last night. According to how it was set up, by whoever worked on it before, the flaps for the air horn on the second pair of barrels could not open at all. There also seems to be a homemade metal plate/gasket between the intake and the carb body to create suction for a vaccum operated choke. Pretty sure none of this is what was causing the problem, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

(Not that the bf will mind if noone has any ideas, since that'll mean he just gets to go pick out a cooler new carb... /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif)
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