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I am not gonna link to the old threads... sorry.

I rebuilt my carb last weekend. I had it running great on Saturday... then Sunday it went down hill fast. Studdering... surging... bad all around.

I opened it back up today. I cleaned it really good with carb cleaner and compressed air. I did manage to get some aluminum shavings out of the carb (from when I filed down the main body to take out the warpage). I think they were clogging the air bleeds.

Upon reassembly, I noticed that the spring that holds the check ball in place for the power valve protection was sideways and was causing the check ball to completely block the vacuum port. The power valve was therefore not working properly. I went and got a repair kit and fixed that.

It is running much better now, except that chugging at mid RPM's is back. I think its cause I upped the jets to 67. I am gonna back them back down to 65 and see what that gets me. I also need a tick more initial pump volume, so I will likely switch to the green cam, then to a 32 squirter if the green cam does not rectify it. The books that say pump cam doesnt do anything... those books suck.

I had a moment of "crap my pants" today. I went for a test drive, and brought it to a dead stop. I stomped on it, and (with only a very slight hesitation) the engine revved up really fast and really clean. The car didnt move. Since I was having tranny problems already, I immediately thought I had roasted 1st gear. A quick glance in my rear view mirror showed me where the power was being lost. Nothing but white tire smoke.

I am getting veeeeeeeeery close.
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