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I like the 4100 for a couple oof reasons. First they have a good design. The float bowls are all one piece so they tend to leak less than designs like holley that rely on gaskets to seal the float bowls below the gas level. This also make them easy to trouble shoot since the top is essentially just a cap that you can take off and look at everything. Second they have the correct vintage look. Another benifit is they look just like the 2100 from the front. So if you've got a C-code car and you've got the original air cleaner on, most people can't tell you've upgraded to a 4 barrel.

I haven't even adjusted my 4100 since I've first got the engine running. It idles smooth and the secondaries come in right on time. I guess I could probably pick up a tenth of a second or 2 if I got a Holley and spent time tuning it, but I'm not a drag racer. I'm just a really cool and attractive guy with a 4 barrel convertible.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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