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Carb Swap Questions: Edelbrock to Summit

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When going from an Edelbrock 1406 to a Summit 600 will the Summit bolt right on? Are the bolt patterns and such all the same? Hoping to place one order and not several. Thanks!

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I’ve run both on my car. I would say the Summit seemed to feel slightly better if I had to pick something out between them but not earth shattering. I went back to the Edelbrock only because I have a tuning kit for it. The Summit I forget either was rich or lean at part throttle and a jet kit was like $100. What I was disappointed by theSummit is a lot of rough areas inside the boosters that were not deburred. I feel there’s a lot of room for improvement. Over all the Edelbrock is made and finished much nicer.
Color me stupid: wouldn't rough areas increase turbulence and improve mixture?
Not in the boosters & venturii, no. That said, turbulence is a deeeep rabbit hole 😉
When I reload black powder cartridges like 50-70 and 50-100, I drop the powder into the cases through a 32-inch long tube. The tube has 5 or 6 sheet metal screws that go through it creating "baffles". The baffles cause the powder to "flutter" in and settle more compactly. The settling greatly improves burn consistency...

Probably apples and oranges...
There are a bunch of BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle) shooters between Prescott and Tucson. Most shoot 45-70 or the die-hard competitors, the 45-90. Advantage to the 45-70 is the ability to buy ammo off the shelf and reselling a 45-70 is infinitely easier than a 45-90.

Most shooters load using a drop tube, the baffeling is my wrinkle, at first I drilled small holes and used thin wire. Later I went to sheet metal screws to create a larger disruption to the powder charge as it dropped down the tube. The improvement in settling is measurable with a vernier calipher.
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