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Carb Swap Questions: Edelbrock to Summit

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When going from an Edelbrock 1406 to a Summit 600 will the Summit bolt right on? Are the bolt patterns and such all the same? Hoping to place one order and not several. Thanks!

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The hard line they included was ok but I’d need to change some things around. I ordered this other fuel line as I think it will fit even better.

I also ordered a jet kit in case I need to tweak it.
Do NOT use teflon tape or sealer on the threads. For the AN fittings, torque them several times off the carburetor; don’t over-torque them, but put a little grunt on them. That seats them into one another without putting any load on the carburetor body itself. AN fittings don’t require much torque for service so don’t get carried away on final assembly.

If you want to keep from dinging up your shiny new fittings, line some crescent wrench jaws with electrical tape 😉
I think you can get fancy aluminum AN wrenches. For a part that will spend a majority of its life buried under the air cleaner I’m not overly worried.
Yeah, I’ve been meaning to buy some AN wrenches. For about 20 years now 🤣
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They say to only tighten to 50-60in/lbs which isn't much. I do want to crank down more. I don't think I'll warp the flange unless I get ugly on it. But since the spacer is so squishy I think it can take more.
I use 60 in/lbs. Much more than that and you risk distorting the throttle body which can bind the shafts and throttle plates
Color me stupid: wouldn't rough areas increase turbulence and improve mixture?
Not in the boosters & venturii, no. That said, turbulence is a deeeep rabbit hole 😉
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When I reload black powder cartridges like 50-70 and 50-100, I drop the powder into the cases through a 32-inch long tube. The tube has 5 or 6 sheet metal screws that go through it creating "baffles". The baffles cause the powder to "flutter" in and settle more compactly. The settling greatly improves burn consistency...

Probably apples and oranges...
Interesting. I know some black powder guys, I’ll ask if they do the same/similar. Mostly 45-70, a few guys shooting 45-90
I tried to post that^ on a social media platform (that shall remain nameless for now). I got put in the doghouse for ‘inciting violence‘ 🤣 what a croc of sh*t, some people are wound far too tight 🤣
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